In this episode we introduce the podcast and talk about our intention for sharing these conversations.

Jane Gabites is a Psychologist who works in private practise with clients, and helps people to achieve wonderful mental and physical health. Luke Gabites is a Yoga Teacher and Wellness Educator who is passionate about sharing evidence-based tools for physical and emotional wellbeing.

We want to get this information out into the world about how you can live your life in a positive way so that your mental and physical health can be wonderful. We are sharing ways to achieve this that are healthy, grounded in science and that work.

We want to inspire you that it’s possible to transform, to grow, to be inspired and to know that there’s so many amazing tools to support you with mental, physical and overall wellbeing.

Knowledge is power, and as we start to know more and become more aware we can start to make better decisions and better choices and then growth just gets quicker and quicker.

We want to help you to live your life authentically. Not just living how you think you should be living, but living how you want to be living.

We’ve both seen this knowledge completely transform lives and are really excited to share it with you.

Keep listening for more tools, tips and science for mental health, physical health and overall wellbeing.