Here are four simple ways to help you safely, kindly and calmly manage the next few weeks.

Control what you can, and accept that at the moment, there are many things outside your control. This is the same for all of us.

Activity. Move your body as much as you can. Now’s the time to do those exercises on YouTube that you’ve been thinking about. If you can, get out into nature, as long as it’s within your neighbourhood. If it’s raining, take an umbrella. Make a mental note of how you feel before the exercise, and how you feel after.

Laughter is good for us. Turn the edges of your lips up to your eyes right now. Notice how it feels when you smile. Look at some funny clips on YouTube. Watch a comedy on demand. Notice how you feel after a good belly laugh! Try laughter yoga.

Manage anxiety. Things have changed very rapidly and many people are feeling worried, scared and anxious. Right this moment, try taking four to six deep breaths. Have some catch phrases that you can say to yourself such as: “This is only temporary.” “I will get through this.” “I am doing my bit to flatten the curve.” Limit your time on social media. Only get news about COVID-19 from reputable sources and view this as little as possible—preferably once or twice a day at most.

And if you need a bit more help, if you’re in New Zealand please call or text 1737, free, anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk with a trained counsellor.

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash