Sit back, follow these 7 easy steps and really enjoy your next glass of wine, or in fact any drink you choose.

Most of us enjoy the pleasure of a glass or two of wine. Any more than that and we tend to lose the health benefits wine might have!

Here’s a way to slow down your wine drinking, enjoy it more and drink less. We hear a lot about mindful eating, but mindful drinking is just as easy and beneficial for our health.

  1. Whether you’re pouring the wine yourself, or someone else is doing it, simply take a breath and notice the wine pouring into the glass. Breathe in and out calmly and deeply as you observe the glass being filled. Notice the sound of the wine as the glass fills.
  2. Notice the glass. What shape is it? As you gently breathe in and out, notice without judgment how the light hits the glass.
  3. Reach for the glass. How does it feel in your hand – warm, cold, soft or smooth? Is it heavy or light? As you pick it up, does the wine seem viscous or thin? Swirl the contents and notice if any legs develop on the glass. Notice your breath and allow it to be soft and slow.
  4. Just like a professional wine connoisseur, bring the glass to your nose. What smells do you notice – peaches, plums, cherries? Is your mouth watering?
  5. Bring the glass to your mouth but don’t drink yet. Feel the edge of the glass on your lips. Notice any body sensations or thoughts, and keep breathing calmly.
  6. Take a small sip but don’t swallow yet. For a few moments just notice the sensations of the wine in your mouth. What are your taste-buds doing? Notice your thoughts. Notice any body sensations.
  7. Swallow slowly and mindfully. Once the first sip is swallowed, notice the sensations in your mouth and the rest of your body. Be curious. Notice how the experience felt, and see if you can make each sip a mindful sip.