Welcome to Jane Gabites Psychology.

Note: I am not currently taking new clients. Please check out my Podcast for evidence-based tools to support your mental health & check out my guided mindfulness meditations on Insight Timer.

Stress Reduction Auckland - Jane Gabites Psychology
Finding Peace in a Busy World – Stress Reduction Auckland

I’m Jane Gabites, an Auckland based psychologist. I will help you with stress reduction and give you methods to help you care for yourself.

Life can be stressful. Together we can develop strategies to help you be more at peace with yourself. My goal is to assist you in creating a fulfilling and meaningful life.

I work with clients in Auckland and offer a confidential, non-judgmental service to support you in moving forward, not only with stress reduction but with any other issues you may be facing. See my services for a list of what I can help you with.

I can also help you change habits, thinking patterns, beliefs, and behavior that no longer work for you. I will help you develop skills and tools to help you throughout your daily life so when you have feelings of stress, anxiety, depression or other undermining thought patterns or issues you will be able to manage them in a positive way.

Journeys to Wellness Podcast

Welcome to the Journeys to Wellness Podcast. A weekly show discussing the science behind mental and physical health.

Join Psychologist Jane Gabites & Wellness Educator Luke Gabites for an enlightening discussion on all things to do with Psychology & wellness.

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